1:16 – Jeep Willis

In the last millennium, in 1996 to be exact, I made a small paper Jeep Willis at 1/16 scale.
I had never had the opportunity to offer it to paper card enthusiasts.
This is done with the files available below.

In addition to the pdf file of the assembly instructions, you will also find the pdf files of the parts to be printed either in color or in black and white.
Feel free to download the pdfs. They are there to be used.

Buildable paper card scale model | Contains the necessary parts for the construction of one model | For personal use only. Do not use for commercial purposes. | Handle tools with care to avoid injury | Recommended age: 14 years and over.

Free download

If you like this little Jeep and are feeling generous, you can make a small contribution using the button below… an amount similar to a nice fresh beer or a delicious coffee.
Happy Modeling
René Joyal

Preview – Instruction sheets

Preview – Color boards

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