Created with care, this book is dedicated first and foremost to lovers of well done work. Printed on top quality paper, it imposes with its 144 color pages.

Its hard cover binding makes it a top-of-the-range book, distinguished by its rigid cover larger than the body of the book.

First made as an inspiration art, Hangar No 1 makes space for beautiful images.

Even if texts are presents, the builst are articulated around images who tell their own stories… The texts helps to support images without stealing the show. 

Regular price is $40 US. 

During November, Hangar No 1 goes into production. The printing and binding phase takes between 3 and 4 weeks.Deliveries are scheduled for early December.

After 2 years of efforts and putting all our heart and passion into our work, we are proud to introduce this book high in color.

If it inspires you and makes you want to sit down to your workshop, then our goal is reached !

Hangar No 1 is offered in English only. In Oblong 11 inches x 8,5 inches format, entirely in color, it contains hundreds of photos and descriptive text to support the images.

About Joycraft Productions

A young self-publishing house, Joycraft Productions relies on the enthusiasm of the community of model makers to promote its products through social networks.

Joycraft Productions aims to offer model makers an original, extremely high-quality and high-end product. Available online only.